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PR Management

Lead your industry with our highly customized PR strategy.

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At Kloss Creatives, we're more than just a public relations agency. We're passionate storytellers for your brand, news insiders actively contributing to the press ourselves, and dedicated experts who know how to meet your customers with the media they consume.

We believe in organic media for PR management — the kind that doesn't leave you with unexpected fees just to get coverage. Your company has a unique story and expertise to share, which is exactly what journalists are looking for. Our team knows this and is fluent in the language of the press, with close relationships at top outlets around the world to back up our PR strategy.

Your PR management with Kloss Creatives will build consumers' trust in you, help you smoothly navigate media crises, and will maintain your company's status as an industry thought leader. You'll save valuable internal resources as we handle all journalist and producer correspondence, scheduling, and PR reporting that you can easily circulate among your executive team and stakeholders.

PR Management
for Leading Companies


Our recognized team is made up of well-known names in the media industry with deep-rooted working relationships (and friendships!) with leading journalists. CEO Kelsey Kloss made her name as an in-house editor for brands like Good Housekeeping, ELLE Decor, Woman's Day, and beyond before launching Kloss Creatives for PR management.


A Proprietary PR Strategy

Our clients in the health and wellness industries enjoy global publicity through digital, print, broadcast, podcast, radio, and organic influencer opportunities — along with brand partnerships with trusted names like Bank of America and PCC Community Market.

You'll find them in leading publications and networks such as The New York Times, Forbes Health, Well+Good, Women's Health, HuffPost, Livestrong, Eating Well, AARP, ABC, NBC, and many more widely trusted outlets.

It's not by accident: Our public relations agency secures high volumes of press coverage because we have a proprietary system for developing and pinpointing your company's specific media persona, then reach your target customers by saturating the media with your mission, story, and expertise.

PR management shouldn't be one-size-fits-all. You may have heard the phrase “all press is good press.” However, we believe an effective PR strategy goes much deeper than simply “saying and spraying” your news to every possible outlet. To truly maximize your public relations efforts, we focus on speaking your audience's language, hand-crafting media lists, and leveraging our time-tested relationships in the media industry.


You already have a customer persona — but do you have a media persona as part of your PR strategy? Your company’s PR, social media, partnership, and other marketing efforts should be clearly targeted toward your media persona, which is a profile that represents a particular target customer and how/when/why they consume media in their everyday levels.

It’s key that your marketing efforts align to target these target customers where they spend time — including the social platforms they use, the television shows they watch, the publications they read, and the groups they’re part of. If your PR efforts are targeting publications young adults ages 18-25 read but you’re partnering with brands on social media that target those ages 30-35, your efforts will be less successful.


At Kloss Creatives, we know how to tailor your message and outreach to connect with your target audiences. This clear understanding of your media persona will guide your entire PR strategy, including the social media and brand partnership efforts you integrate with PR management.

A Public Relations Agency Backed by Data

754 million
in national media reach within 3 months
for a new client

210% increase to target pages on a client's website

Weekly national media placements for a nutrition company 

Recurring monthly broadcast segment for a cookie company

10-fold increase in brand interactions for an F&B gifting company

127% increase in site traffic for top-rated coffee company

Kloss Creatives' excellent team are artists and creative geniuses in being able to shape a person's vast experiences into different portraits that connect with different audiences.

My business and brand and the direction I'm taking it is unique and uncharted. I had a difficult time finding the right PR team I felt could understand my vision.


In my very first consultation call, I knew I found the right partner who really understood my vision and could craft the PR plan to help me amplify my message and get it heard by the right audience. There is no one I would trust more with my brand messaging. Kelsey and her team are a valuable part of my strategy team.

—Renowned Tai Chi Leader Shirley Chock


Our Public Relations Agency Is Your Trusted Marketing Partner

With Kloss Creatives, you'll enjoy a full team of experts dedicated to your account. Rather than covering the costs of an in-house team for PR management, you'll have the flexibility to pay by 6-month contracts — while still receiving the unbeatable expertise of a team rooted in journalism principles with executive experience.

Each of our clients is paired with a dedicated project manager who will coordinate and follow up with all interviews, broadcast segments, and beyond. Meanwhile, your account will also have a highly experienced PR manager to identify key media tentpoles, develop PR campaigns, and strategically pitch the media.

CEO Kelsey Kloss will also personally oversee your account, leveraging her deep-rooted experience and established relationships in the media to position your company as a lasting industry leader.

We also look at every stage of the marketing funnel, ensuring that your PR efforts lead to meaningful conversions and a bigger bottom line for your company. After all, media buzz doesn't mean anything unless it has an impact! We analyze every stage of your customer journey, from initial awareness to consideration and ultimately purchase and loyalty.

PR management not only increases visibility for your company, but it also nurtures your existing audience by fostering trust and loyalty. When your customers see you in a national outlet, they'll be proud to purchase again and be advocates for your company.

To get started, book a discovery call with our team so we can get to know you better! We'll discuss your existing marketing plan and determine together if our PR management is the best fit for your company.

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