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Brands in the health and wellness, food and beverage, and fitness industries trust Kloss Creatives to amplify their impact.

We know that, for you, it's not just about media buzz. Instead, increasing your visibility is about benefiting real people with your products and services.

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Health & Wellness

You went into this business because you wanted to make an impact. We deeply respect the work our clients in the health space do to share the gifts of longevity and happiness with individuals around the world.

That's the type of work that deserves to be seen — and in a transformative way.

Whether you're in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, telehealth, biotech, nutrition, or beyond, your story and expertise will be powerfully shared through our PR and graphic design services. 

As a health and wellness company, you're in the business of positive change, which we will strategically communicate to large audiences. The results of this can quite literally be life-changing: After all, your mission goes beyond transactions. It's about making a lasting impact on people.

Our team is on the cutting-edge of the latest health media developments — and several of our team members actively contribute to top media health brands today.


This dynamic and high-energy industry demands a striking presence to stand out. When you achieve that brand awareness, it becomes a powerful catalyst for helping even more people reach their fitness goals.

Your brand is unlike any other in this industry — and our team understands that. We'll work with you to increase your brand awareness so you can benefit the greatest number of potential customers.

We have experience working with celebrity trainers, large fitness chains, and fitness-focused publications. We understand the nuances of the fitness industry at its core and have a track record of working closely with renowned celebrity trainers, major fitness chains, and influential fitness-focused publications.

Most importantly, we are dedicated to maximizing your brand's exposure and impact in the fitness industry.

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Food and Beverage

Nothing brings people together quite like food and drinks, which your company already knows well. You went into this field not just to make sales, but to create connections between your customers.

We admire the love and care our F&B clients bring to tables around the world — and believe that the exceptional work in this industry deserves to not only be tasted, but also seen on a large scale.

Whether you're in specialty beverages, gourmet cuisine, or snacks, we're passionate about sharing your story and expertise through tailored PR and design services.

Our team is made up of active contributors (not just observers) to the food and beverage industry. We are committed to aligning with your mission to bring more people together around your products.


As an agricultural company, you nourish the world — and there are few things more vital and meaningful than that. 

The story of agricultural brands goes beyond crops: It forms the very foundation of life and well-beings for communities around the world.

Your dedication to this mission deserves to be amplified and seen by the world. Our PR and design services tailored for the agricultural sector will showcase the instrumental work you do in ensuring a secure, thriving future for generations to come.

Whether you're a board for certain crops or involved in sustainable agriculture, you'll gain access to a suite of strategic and comprehensive services dedicated to featuring the heart and soul of your agricultural story.

Together, we'll cultivate a narrative that not only acknowledges the crucial role you play in feeding the world — but that also resonates with a global audience and fosters a deeper appreciation for the profound impact of agriculture.

Lettuce Farm

I have the pleasure of working with the team at Kloss Creatives, and we couldn't be happier with the results. Their team demonstrated exceptional professionalism, creativity, and dedication throughout the entire collaboration.

In just the first 90 days of our partnership, Kloss Creatives helped us secure multiple placements in major publications, many that were on our company's wish list.

We highly recommend Kloss Creatives to any business looking for a top-notch PR partner.

–Brittany Werner, RDN, Director of Coaching at Working Against Gravity (a nutrition coaching company)


Having grown up in the health and F&B industries, Kloss Kloss has a unique ability to see beyond a brand and into the very human stories and expertise behind it. Her father, a dairy nutritionist, and her mother, who started her career as a labor and delivery nurse, went on to also run Gold’s Gym franchises and a protein shake company.


Kloss grew up walking through dairies in Central California, working summer jobs at the gyms, and handing out beverage samples behind booths at Natural Products Expo West. 

Later on, she worked as a health, nutrition, and food editor for brands like Reader's DigestGood HousekeepingPreventionRedbook, and Woman's Day. Through this work, she oversaw columns and photoshoots for celebrities like nutritionist Joy Bauer and trainer Larysa DiDio.

Needless to say, Kloss isn't just a fan of these industries: She's played an active role in shaping the media around them for 10+ years.


She also recognizes the passion, love, and sweat that goes into building companies like yours. People like you have set out to make an impact — and that's exactly what Kloss and her team want to support you in doing.

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