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A curated experience offering South Indian filter coffee, crafted with beans from estates in Coorg.

The Ask:

Paul John Indian Caffeine Co. already had an incredible line of products: signature roasts that bottle the aroma of homegrown Indian memories like "Smell of Rain" or "Monsooned Malabar," stunning Indian coffee filters, and traditional dabra sets. However, the brand needed more visibility to attract new customers. Once new audiences tried the products, they became repeat customers — but initial awareness was still needed.

Our Solution:

We created a strategy to focus on four main PR content pillars: education around the rich history of Coorg ("India's Coffee Cup"), a vivid illustration of founder Shonali Paul's entrepreneurial story and vision, product tasting for top-tier journalists, and awareness around brewing rituals and versatility. 

The Results:

Within our first 90 days of outreach, we coordinated nearly 20 brand placements in publications including Buzzfeed (which named Paul John Indian Caffeine Co. a top Asian-owned brand), Best Products, Popular Science, TourScanner, Luxury Florida, Best Life, and 6sqft. Coverage included several "best of" eCommerce lists for gift-driven holidays such as Mother's Day and Father's Day. 

We also helped the company set up its affiliate network and secured profiles on founder Shonali Paul on a variety of mediums — including podcasts, social media, and digital press. 

Paul John Indian Caffeine Co.'s media presence continues to gain momentum, building on its early PR achievements and a successful first quarter of working with Kloss Creatives. Its growing media presence continues to drive traffic to its site, which will enhance domain authority and establish credibility among potential customers in the long-term.


What's more, our PR sampling initiatives yielded positive feedback, including notable responses from top-tier national media outlets such as The New York Times, local media, and freelance writers.

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