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A customized nutrition coaching company with
30,000 members and counting.

The Ask:

Working Against Gravity came to Kloss Creatives in September 2023 with a goal to heighten brand awareness to new markets and increase traffic to its website. While the company was well-known in niche fitness markets like the CrossFit community, the team wanted to expand its awareness in the broader lifestyle market, with key target outlets such as Women's Health and Forbes.

Our Solution:

After developing a 360-degree strategy to address Working Against Gravity's specific market goals and conducting media training with key spokespeople, we harnessed our well-established connections in the nutrition and health space to introduce Working Against Gravity to over 100 top outlets.

The Results:

Within our first 30 days of outreach, we coordinated organic media opportunities with major national consumer outlets (including the company's target outlets) such as:

  • HuffPost (14M monthly visitors)

  • Parade (17M monthly visitors)

  • New York Post (60M monthly visitors)

  • Livestrong (6.6M monthly visitors)

  • Forbes Health (75M monthly visitors)

  • Women’s Health (25M monthly visitors)

  • Clean Plates (210K monthly visitors)

  • Cultivating Wellness Podcast

This was soon followed by additional opportunities in Good Housekeeping, Business Insider, Prevention, HUM Nutrition, Vitamin Shoppe Blog, Women's Health, Yardbarker, Eating Well, AARP, Medium/Authority Magazine, several additional placements in Forbes Health — to name just a few. We also secured a coveted position on the Forbes Health Advisory board for Working Against Gravity's Director of Coaching. 


The first quarter of media coverage led to a 210% increase in site visits to the company's coach pages — and in the first five months, we achieved 2.4 billion in media reach for Working Against Gravity. This led to meaningful shifts in the company's overall growth and revenue trajectory. 

In addition, most stories featured top-tier evergreen content that will remain online for extended periods of time, providing valuable backlinks for SEO and creating long-term opportunities to drive traffic to the Working Against Gravity website. 

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