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A top-rated barista studio in New York City with a no-fuss approach to coffee.

The Ask:

Procreate Coffee came to Kloss Creatives in November 2021 with the goal of gaining more visibility in the New York City and New Jersey regions. Although the company had minimal branding like a logo, it needed the development of color palettes, a style guide, and typography — plus, an overall marketing strategy for reaching new audiences. 

Our Solution:

Kloss Creatives developed supplemental branding for Procreate Coffee that reflected its modern, minimalist approach to coffee (no burlap bags or rustic barrels here!). Our team also created an eCommerce marketing strategy that positioned Procreate Coffee as the go-to source for barista expertise, certification, and community in the region. Projects included market research reports, branding implementation in collateral like business cards and flyers, and photography direction.

The Results:

In the two years Kloss Creatives has worked with Procreate Coffee, we've increased annual sales by four-fold. Through social media, email marketing, eCommerce, and branding efforts, traffic to the store's online site has increased by 127%.

We've also provided business development consultation for Procreate Coffee, which has included launching a new set of service offerings — notably, two barista certification courses that have significantly increased the company's average order value. 

In founder Jessa Winn's own words: "Working with Kloss Creatives has been the best thing that has ever happened for my sanity since I started my business! And that's not just hyperbole. They have taken a large portion of the workload off my plate and I saw increased sales in the first month. I regularly get compliments about our content now and people often tell me it is helpful. I highly recommend Kloss Creatives! It's been a phenomenal experience."

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