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A new consignment gown company in New York City with a mission to give dresses another chance to be loved.

The Ask:

The owners of LUVBIS wanted a text-based logo that represented "love, repeated." The company's goal was to help brides sell their once-loved wedding dresses, give new brides the chance to discover one-of-a-kind gowns, and benefit the environment. 

Our Solution:

The Kloss Creatives branding team gathered keywords to represent the brand, such as "love, repeated," "environmentally friendly," and "upcycled" to use as inspiration for design elements. We also delved into their sister brand, Amo Gowns, to create a logo that could be paired easily but still had its own distinct style. 

The Results:

The final design consists of a logotype with a heart shape within the V to incorporate the "love, repeated" aspect of the brand. The brand colors play an important part in emphasizing the environmentally friendly aspect of the brand by using a combination of earth and floral tones.


For typography, we chose serif-style fonts for both the primary and secondary fonts. The primary font has a similar X height and strokes as the logo, while the secondary one has consistent strokes and a more classic look for legibility when used in subheaders and body copy.


Both of these brand fonts in conjunction with the brand colors and the logo also represent the elegance, glamour, and enchantment of a bride — and the company's mission to upcycle once-loved gowns. 

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