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Podcast Services That Give Your Brand a Leading Voice

How to Start a Podcast

What Are Podcast Production Services?

When you want to start a podcast for your business, but you're not quite sure where to get started, turn to Kloss Creatives podcast production services.

Kloss Creatives will produce a high-quality podcast for you from scratch. That includes helping you develop a name and angle for your podcast, writing scripts, creating a sound file with music and sound effects as needed, developing a marketing plan for your podcast, and scheduling and posting episodes.

A podcast created by Kloss Creatives was named one of "Top 25 Bilingual Education Podcasts You Must Follow in 2021."


Here's what loyal listeners have said about Kloss Creatives podcast production:

  • "New favorite podcast! I recommend this show to anyone who’s a parent or works with kids!" — 5-star Apple Podcasts review

  • "Fun, intentional, and engaging! This is now one of my favorite podcasts to recommend." — 5-star Apple Podcasts review

  • "A very well-produced podcast packed full of info for parents raising bilingual kids." — 5-star Apple Podcasts review

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Which Companies Use Branded Podcasts?

Branded Podcast Examples

​When you start a branded podcast for your business, you'll be joining successful companies such as Gucci, LinkedIn, Toyota, BMW, and Trader Joe's.

The demand for podcasts continues to grow: In 2021 so far, 15 billion hours have been spent listening to podcasts — compared to just 12 billion two years ago, according to Semrush. ​ 

Savvy companies know that podcasts provide a personal and engaging way to connect with new customers and maintain loyal customers. It's a relationship-building tool: As we know from content marketing, providing your audience with valuable information increases your customer base and revenue. 

Branded Podcast Statistics

Why Are Podcasts Important for Business?

​Podcasts allow you to connect with potential and loyal customers on a new platform. It also gives your brand a unique voice and shows that you are have leading expertise in your industry.  

An impressive 55 percent of American consumers listen to podcasts, per the Statista Research Department. The percentage of U.S. consumers who say they have listened to a podcast has more than doubled over the past decade. 

With podcasts, you can share your expertise in a given industry and also show listeners your brand's personality. This is a much more personal way of interacting with customers than many other forms of marketing.


You can even ask customers to submit questions that you answer on-air, strengthening the dialogue you have with your customers. 

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How Do You Start a Podcast?

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There are a few key things you need to do to launch your podcast:

  • Choose a topic

  • Determine your target audience

  • Plan an editorial calendar

  • Create artwork for your podcast

  • Choose music for your "bumpers" (the intro and closing)

  • Select equipment 

  • Write a script 

  • Record your audio

  • Interview guests if necessary

  • Choose sound effects if necessary 

  • Edit and optimize your audio

  • Submit your podcast to be distributed on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more 

  • Strategize your marketing plan to gain listeners 

This may feel overwhelming at first, but Kloss Creatives will help you with every step along the way. We are passionate about creating high-quality podcasts, and will guide you through what's often a confusing process to easily create a successful podcast.

Podcast Tips and Ideas

How to Monetize a Podcast

How Do Podcasts Make Money?

A branded podcast can help you reach new potential customers and maintain a loyal following of current customers —  both of which lead to increased business and revenue.

You can also choose to incorporate ads into your podcast. Many podcasts make money by having sponsors which are promoted during the show. The more listeners you have, the more you'll earn from these sponsorships. 

Rates for sponsorship can be up to $50 CPM (cost per thousand listeners) or more. That means if your podcast episode has 50,000 listeners, you can make $2,500 in sponsorship revenue from that particular episode. 

Sponsors typically pay more for mid-roll ads, which appear in the middle of the episode, than pre- or post-roll ads (those at the beginning or end of the episode). 

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Choosing a podcast niche is important because it can help you stand out against competitors.


For instance, a podcast specifically about guitar pedals may be more successful than a podcast about guitars in general.  

Once you've found your podcast niche, consider the following ideas for a podcast episode: 

  • Discussions With Industry Experts 

  • Q&As About a Specific Topic Within Your Niche

  • Reactions to New Products or Trends 

  • Success Stories from Industry Leaders 

  • Tips for Newcomers to Your Niche

Some podcasts are very conversational (bloopers included!) while others are highly edited to remove mistakes or sounds like breaths during recording.


Whichever style or topic reflects your brand, Kloss Creatives can make your podcast a reality. 

Podcast Topics & Ideas

What Are Good Podcast Ideas? 

Podcast Production Company

What Makes Kloss Creatives
Services Unique? 

Kloss Creatives has produced top-rated podcast content and can do the same for your business.


Our team knows how to make your podcast stand out for being remarkably high quality and packed with engaging material.


You will grow your audience and customer base through your podcast — ultimately boosting your company's revenue — and we'll be there to address every question and detail along the way. ​


  • First, our industry-leading writers will craft a captivating script that keeps listeners hooked until the very last minute (and, if you'd like, we'll help you get sponsors for extra revenue).


  • Our skilled designers will create eye-catching artwork for your podcast that draws in listeners immediately. 

  • Finally, our expert sound engineers and editors will create a listening experience for your audience that exceeds expectations.

To us, impeccable production is the only kind that’s suitable for your podcast. We know that with every episode, you can create an impact that will make waves for your business.

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