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What Are Logo Design Services? 

Your logo symbolizes what your company is all about and communicates a message to potential customers within a split second. With logo design services, you can ensure that message is exactly what you want it to be. 

Logo design is an aspect of your brand or sub-brand that you truly want to invest in. Professional designers like those at Kloss Creatives take the time to understand your company's goals, personality, target audience, and mission. They then start by creating mood boards to draw inspiration from images, places, and objects that best represent your company. 

Professional logo designers intensively research your industry to ensure your brand stands out from competitors. Your logo should instantly engage potential customers and be recognizable and memorable. 


A professional designer will also plan ahead for every place your logo may be used, whether it's on a website, signs and banners, business cards, email marketing campaigns, letterheads, packaging, and promotional products. They may create different versions of your logo to fit these various placements, all while remaining cohesive and visible. 

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If you've researched logos for your business online, you've likely been bombarded by online services touting "free" logo design. While these may sound enticing, there are typically a few main issues with free logo makers you should be aware of:

  • They may be extremely generic. The purpose of your logo is to help your brand stand out. When you use a free logo maker, your logo will likely resemble hundreds of other companies' logos due to the lack of creative freedom these services provide. 

  • You may not own all the rights. This is a big one! You may be limited in how you use your logo when you use a free logo maker. There are also legal issues like copyright and trademark to think about — all of which Kloss Creatives can help you navigate. 

  • It won't look as professional. Consumers can spot a quickly-made logo from a mile away, which can reflect poorly upon your brand. You put hours of work into making your products and services remarkable, so make sure your logo reflects that. Even if you have a sharp design eye yourself, it's always helpful to have an expert provide a second opinion.

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What About Free Logo Makers?

Logo Design Trends

What Are the Top Logo Trends for 2022?

First of all, it's important to create a logo that best represents your brand and its mission — regardless of trends! But if you're curious about what types of logos brands are gravitating toward right now, here are the current top trends, per AdWeek:


Simplistic geometry: Designers are tapping into the impact that geometric shapes can have with logos. This year, minimalism reigns supreme in creating an "air of calculated restraint," which allows for your brand to get creative elsewhere. Two companies following this trend include Medium and Google Workspace.  


Modern symbolism: Striking symbols have always been an important part of logo design, but more companies today are relying on symbols alone to transcend language and communicate innately understood messages to target audiences. Although it's not a logo, just think of how powerful Amazon's Look for the Rainbows campaign was in 2020. 

Authentic portraiture: For logos that showcase people, authentic portraits and representation is more important than ever — from simple character portraits to very detailed illustrations. A leader in this space is Airbnb, which is known for its authentic illustration style and reference photos. 

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Logo Designers for Hire

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Kloss Creatives is rooted in entrepreneurial spirit. Our team of leading marketers, writers, and designers know how to identify the key elements that make your business unique and your brand story more compelling than competitors.


In particular, our designers are trained and experienced in creating logo design and branding for companies — and have a sharp eye for what makes a logo stand out, from its brushstrokes to its color palette.


No detail is overlooked: Kloss Creatives designers will work with you closely to develop your logo's design, text, and hues, ensuring all necessary rights are secured in the process. You may find that by working with Kloss Creatives on your logo, you'll walk away with a more developed brand identity as a whole. 

What Makes Kloss Creatives Logo Design
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