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Focus Group Services

Get Strategic Insight for Your
Business With Focus Groups

A focus group is a market research strategy used to collect information about a specific offering from your business. The group is carefully selected, and the process often includes group interaction, question and answer, and/or written feedback. A well-structured focus group gives your business strategic insights on how to move forward with the product or service you’re testing out.  

A focus group gives your business a wonderful opportunity to test out your product or service and make adjustments before putting it out into the world. With a focus group, you have opportunities to ask questions and get real feedback from the type of customer you’re targeting. 


Kloss Creatives focus group services can help you structure and plan your focus group so you get the best possible outcome!  

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Get Insight for Customer Markets

What Are Focus Groups? 

The Benefits of Focus Groups

New products or services from a business always have a level of calculated risk implied. Using a focus group eases that risk by allowing you to test the proverbial waters before taking the offering to a larger market.  


But it’s not just a matter of asking questions. A successful focus group should be tailored to the questions your business needs to answer, and to the product you’re testing. There are a variety of considerations when setting up a focus group, including finding the right people to use, understanding how to interact with them, and knowing how to get the most effective responses.


It takes careful planning and analysis to know what the focus group should look like. After all, the feedback you’ll get can dictate complete changes to your product or give you the confidence to continue moving forward.  

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Why Are Focus Groups Important?

Focus groups are selected based on demographic characteristics that a business’ products or services apply to. The individuals gather and are guided by a moderator through interviews and testing activities to assess the effectiveness of the product or service.


In-depth discussion is collected and brought to you for review, with recommendations to help you decide how to proceed.

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Get Customer Insights

How Do Focus Groups Work?

Focus Groups are commonly used by:  


  • Social media companies 

  • Food manufacturers 

  • Airlines 

  • Film and television companies 

  • Media companies 

  • Personal care product creators 

  • Toy makers 

  • Technology companies 

  • Beverage manufacturers 


...and many more!  

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Who Uses Focus Groups?

Focus Groups for Your Market

Kloss Creatives knows what it means to grow a business — and it’s extremely important to the growth of your business to know your customer, what they need, and what they’re thinking.


We’ll apply the care and attention to detail you need to get real results and  help your business succeed.  

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Valuable Customer Insights for Business

What Makes Kloss Creatives Focus Group
Services Unique?

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