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Content Marketing That Gets You​
New and Loyal Customers

Digital marketing and content marketing — what do these terms mean, and how can they help your business? 


Simply put, digital marketing is a way to reach and attract new customers where they tend to spend the most time: online. 


Digital marketing helps connect you to customers who are already looking for you, even if they don’t know it yet, through qualified traffic. Content marketing is providing your existing and potential customers with free content that is tailored to a niche market, allowing them to view you as an industry expert and build trust in your brand. This, in turn, can result in new leads. 


What Is Content Marketing?

Powerful Content Creation Strategy

Who Uses Content Marketing?

The power of content marketing is used by leading brands, many of whom you probably know and use every day! Prominent organizations that use content marketing include P&G, Scholastic, Microsoft, Bath & Body Works, IKEA, Johnson & Johnson, and many more.


But does that mean that only large companies can benefit or use content marketing? Not at all! Targeted content marketing can benefit businesses of all sizes. No matter who your clients or customers are, your business can reach them through content marketing. This may take the form of content through blog posts, social media, or even partnerships — which an influencer management agency like Kloss Creatives can help you with. 


Examples of Content Marketing

​Content marketing allows you to connect directly with customers by providing them with free, relevant content that keeps them coming back for your expertise. This leads to a loyal consumer base and can increase your revenue. 


With content marketing, you can reach your largest customer potential by providing them with useful information that they were already searching for, putting your company at the top of the most relevant search terms. This markets your services continuously in the long-term, resulting in leads without constant spend on other digital marketing efforts like paid ads. 

Content Marketing Strategy

Why Is Content Marketing Important? 

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Tips for Content Marketing

Is Content Marketing Strategy Effective? 

The power of content marketing lies in how it targets new clients. With free content, consumers have a much lower barrier to entry. They no longer have to spend money to get acquainted with you and your company — because it’s available to them in a low-risk way!


Plus, as your content gains a loyal following, you’ll have a built-in consumer base that trusts your authority on what you specialize in.


How Does Content Marketing Attract Potential Customers?

Content Marketing Services

Content marketing works by letting potential customers find you without having to make a commitment or spend money.


By providing free content, you guarantee accessibility and allow customers to understand the value of your services or products because they can see them in action.

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Digital Marketing Services

Is Content Marketing Part of Digital Marketing?

Content marketing falls into the same general digital marketing umbrella, but the key difference is that content marketing focuses on creating targeted content to reach your specific audience.


Think about if you were looking up high-protein recipes online. You might find that one protein powder company provides several helpful recipes, a few of which use its specialty protein powder blend in various flavors. After gaining helpful information from the company's website and getting acquainted with its offerings, you're more likely to purchase its protein powder blend for yourself. 

Content and Digital Marketing Agency

What Makes Kloss Creatives Content Marketing Unique?

Kloss Creatives is made up of trained journalists — something few companies can claim for their content strategy. We take the highest standards of quality and ethics and multiply them. Our writers have been trained by top global brands to increase readership and revenue through content.


We also have industry-leading designers ready to make infographics, feature images, and illustrations for your content. 

To us, impeccable work is the only kind that’s suitable for your work. 

Whether your business is growing internationally or you’re just starting out, we will be your most ardent supporters. We know that with every project, we are creating an impact that is going to help you make waves.

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