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Book Design Services

Showcase Your Work With
Incredible Book Design, Layouts,
and Illustrations

Illustrations, Layouts, and Covers

What Are Book Design and 
Illustration Services? 

High-quality book design and illustration services elevate your narrative and increase the value of your content.

Our talented book designers and illustrators are passionate about helping you tell your story. We will work with you directly to understand your specific needs and the narrative that you are trying to portray with your books. Whether you need illustrations for a children’s book, a designed book cover with proper font licenses, or the perfect book layout, we’ve got you covered — from cover to cover!


We know that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but we also know that it’s important to stand out among the competition. 


When it comes to illustration, our artists will work with you to ensure that each illustration compliments the story that you’ve carefully crafted. We know that regardless of audience, good illustration should work in tandem to help you tell your story while bringing the characters to life.

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Book Layout Design Services

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Virtually all the big names in the print business use thoughtful book design and illustrative services, usually with their own in-house artist and designers and sometimes contracting out to large design firms.


But does that mean that only large publishers have access to design and illustration services? Not at all!

Kloss Creatives helps every author, business, and publishing houses reach their full potential. Our notable illustrators and designers are known for making a mark in the industry, and will make sure your book has the visuals to instantly hook readers.

Books we've created designs, layouts, and illustrations for can be found worldwide in homes and classrooms — and from trusted retailers such as Target, Walmart, and Barnes & Noble. 

Who Uses Book Design and
Illustration Services? 

Book Cover Design and Book Illustrations

Why Are Book Design and
Illustration Services Important?

​A thoughtfully designed book can help readers connect and navigate through the narrative the way that you intended, enhancing their reading experience.


We know the tried and true writing adage: show, don’t tell. Good book design helps you do just that! Book covers are often the first impression that potential readers get, and an effective book design allows them to connect and “feel” the text before they open to the first page. 


Similarly, good illustrations work deliberately with the text to help it come to life. Illustrations allow your audience to connect with the story and characters as they read.


Illustrations help readers associate actions and objects with the words that they’re reading. Additionally, they enhance the reading experience by holding the reader's attention and can help move the narrative forward.

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Book Design Services

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The primary difference between our book design services and book illustration services lies in the type of work that you’re publishing and what work is required to help you connect to your audience.


Our book design services primarily focus on book cover designs, book layout design, and font selection. Illustration can sometimes fall into the category of cover design, depending on the work and the audience that you’re intending to target.


Usually, however, book illustration services are for books that require illustrations throughout, such as picture books, to help in the narration of the text.

What's the Difference Between
Book Design Services and Book
Illustration Services?  

Put simply: Because eBooks are still books. As such, your book can still benefit from book design.


If your goal is to connect with potential readers and distinguish yourself from the multitude of other options within your genre, then book design is here to help.


Whether it’s designing an eye-catching cover to stand out in the digital bookshelves, or it's the layout design to ensure that your digital readers are still getting the best narrative experience, the basic principles of effective book design are still true for eBooks as they are for traditional print.

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eBook Services

Why Do You Need Book 
Services for eBooks?

Book Design & Illustration Services

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Kloss Creatives takes the highest standards of quality and ethics and multiplies them — because, to us, impeccable work is the only kind that’s suitable for your work. 


With Kloss Creatives, you will have experts at the heart of marketing, media, design, and publishing industries all working towards you and your publishing goals. Our passion and hard work all come from wanting to see writers and publishers like yours succeed. 


Whether you're going the independent publishing route, creating eBooks, or you’re a small publishing house, we will be your most ardent supporters. We know that with every project, we are creating an impact that is going to help you make waves.

What Makes Kloss Creatives
Book Design and Illustration 
Services Unique? 

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